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Solid Training is Key

From the minute a puppy is born, we are given an amazing opportunity to set  them up for success. Starting at just 3 days old, and all the way through 12 weeks of age.  There is much we can do as breeders and puppy owners to nurture them and mold them into amazing puppies that transform into amazing adult dogs that will bring us joy for years to come!


This is the program that we use and highly encourage each and every one of our puppy families to purchase it and continue on with once their puppy is home with them.

Learn all about this fantastic program and get your own copy of the film here!

Poop School

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Poop School goes hand in hand with Puppy Culture to raise every puppy in a way that sets them up for the most success when going home to be potty trained! We start this protocol in the weaning pen which sets a firm foundation to be easily built upon by each new puppy owner. This is an online course that gives step by step litter box training for breeders and fosters, as well as house training for new puppy families.

What’s next after 12 weeks

you might ask?

Finding and utilizing a good trainer is so important in the success of your puppy!  You can certainly research your area for someone local who aligns with what you feel is the best approach for you.

We are a big proponent for balanced trainers that use positive reinforcement along with correction. You reward to enforce good behavior, and you correct to change bad behavior. Although many things can be achieved with reward and positive reinforcement, we do not agree with positive only training.  Dogs, especially Leavitts, need both. Praise is good, boundaries are good, treats are good, saying no and having a consequence to back that up is good. We want a balanced, happy, and respectful dog, and that’s how you get there!

We do have an amazing trainer that can work with you! Tiffany Huebner with AQK9 has over 20 years experience in a variety of disciplines and is truly passionate about getting you real life results to meet your goals.  She can work with you virtually via phone or Zoom if you are not located in MN, or in person at her facility if your local.  She has an amazing program for new puppies called Puppy Head Start along with great puppy classes and camps.

She has also created online courses that you can utilize whenever works best in your life and schedule.

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Online Courses Click HERE

In Person Training click HERE

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Brembo the Ultimate AmStaff – Great puppy and performance info!

AQK9– Follow along with Tiffany about all things dog!

Meet Tiffany as she covers some good basic puppy info!

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What to expect the first week your

puppy comes home.

Brynn with Jax

Introducing New Puppy to Kids


Puppy go to bed training.


Puppy nail trims.


Socialization 101


Should we bring our new puppy to the dog park?!?!  No.

We want to raise healthy, balanced puppies that are neither shy nor hyper-social. Just hanging out with balanced dogs and people goes a long way. What we expose our puppies to and how we expose them to all the things the first couple of months is critical for a well-trained and socialized dog.  Socialization should be structured, calm, and safe.  People, kids, and animals that you trust. There should be minimal to no risk of negative interactions with your puppy.  One bad experience can impact them for the rest of their lives.