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Puppy Supply Recommendations

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Puppy Area

Crate with double door and divider

Puppy Culture Yak Beds

Our favorite crate pads!

18×24 for puppy size with divider in crate

24×36 for full crate size

Yak beds

Exercise pen

For attaching to crate for puppy safe area

Mercola Organic Non-toxic Dog bed

Medium for puppy size, Large for adult size

Potty Area

Litter pan and paper litter pellets

as this is what our puppies are trained with prior to going home

Feeding Supplies

Enhanced pet food bowl

Select size Medium for puppy

Large with the stand for adult

Ceramic water dish with skid proof bottom

Select 1 Large

Dirty Dog Doormat

Medium for Food and water mat

Large or runner for high traffic entry areas

Whole Food Supplements from Mercola

We use several products from Dr Karen Becker’s line of whole food supplements to complete our dogs raw food diet.

Meal Mix pouches and mushroom complex daily, krill oil a few times a week,

and complete probiotics when needed for digestive/immune support to name a few.



Himilayan chew

Medium for puppies, Large/XL for adults


Small for puppies, Medium or Large for adults

Roam Ostrich Marrow Bone

This size is great for growing puppies,

I would suggest their larger bone for adults


Great for filling with whole food goodies like

peanut butter/treats or yogurt/fruit and freeze




6′ standard leash


Size small is ideal for when puppy comes home

Soft Leather

Medium for growing puppy, Large for adult

Millers Forge Nail trimmer

All Natural Products

Rescue Remedy for Pets

Excellent for puppies first nights at home

as well as bringing calm during/after any stressful situation

Espana Shampoo & Conditioner

Excellent line of grooming products for pets

including our favorite shampoo & conditioner

Colloidal Silver

 Excellent  for  cleaning  around  eyes,  in  wrinkles,  and  in  ears

Kin+Kind Organic Odor Neutralizer

This is a chemical free odor neutralizer that works wonderfully and is scented with Lavender essential oil to promote calm in any space.

Insect Prevention

Pet Protector Flea and Tick Tag


Kin+Kind Flea and Tick Spray


Springtime Bug Off Garlic

Excellent prevention for dogs 6 months of age or older


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