True North Families


We are very passionate about finding just the right home for each of our puppies. Our desire is to develop solid relationships with our puppy families and have been so blessed by every one of them!


“My husband and I had an amazing experience purchasing our Leavitt Bulldog from Melissa at True North Oldes. It all began with a phone interview and I was impressed  with how much time she spent getting to know our family. Not only was that important to Melissa, but it also made us feel invested in the process of getting a puppy.  We were excited to see a breeder take that much time to find the “perfect” families for her puppies. During the thorough application process, we quickly learned how passionate Melissa is about caring for her dogs. At first I thought, I have to watch videos? Well I’m glad I watched the videos! She’s incredibly knowledgeable! Thanks to Melissa I’m feeling confident and comfortable feeding my dog a raw diet and I even sought out a holistic veterinarian.  Once the puppies were born it was also important to us that we be updated regularly, especially since  we live in Maine and we weren’t able to visit or select a puppy in person. Melissa always kept in touch with us and had plenty of pictures and videos to share with us.
Once it was time to select a puppy, we relied on Melissa to help us make a decision since we could not visit them.  Since she took the time to get to know our family, she knew which puppy would be a good fit for us. Our puppy is truly a perfect match for us! Once our puppy was home with us, it was clear that Melissa had taken the time to work with these puppies and gave them plenty of experiences during those 8 weeks. Our puppy was confident in many different situations! We were especially thankful she started “Manding” training which teaches a dog to sit when approached by a person.
Our list could go on and on with all the positive things we have to say about Melissa and our experience. We look forward to keeping in touch and sharing our story of Poppy over the years! We can’t wait to see what the future holds for True North Oldes!”
Ponitz Family~Poppy


“We are the proud owners of Daisy! I was lucky enough to be able to visit True North Oldes a few times before taking her home. I have to say, the amount of passion, knowledge, effort, and love that Melissa and family put into these puppies is unmatched. It shows now that Daisy is home with us. She is calm, smart, well behaved and trainable. I joke with Melissa that I’ve never seen anyone work as hard at anything as she does with True North Oldes, and it’s true. I highly recommend them if you are looking for an adorable puppy to add to your family!”

Nelson Family~Daisy


“True North Oldes was everything I was looking for in a breeder. A committed breeder with a knowledge and love for raising quality dogs. It was clear to me that Melissa and Chris have a passion for breeding, and do it for all the right reasons. My sweet Belle was truly cared for and given the best start to life a puppy could ask for. I was very impressed with the puppy culture program that each of the dogs completed. The stimulation and experiences paid dividends with Belle’s behavior as a young puppy. I have had a great experience and a continued friendship with Melissa and Chris. I would recommend True Norths to anyone looking to add a new puppy to their family.”

John F.~Belle


“Melissa & Chris Weidenhamer are very friendly people. From the first time I contacted them to the day we picked up Asa (and beyond), they were very willing to answer our questions and offer information. It felt like we were dealing with close family instead of strangers on the other side of the country. I liked the way their kids knew our puppies personally and quirks, and were eager to share them with us when we picked the pup up. The contract and requirements were communicated well, so we didn’t have any surprises. I would buy another dog from them in a heartbeat.”

Flood Family~Asa